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In Simple words

We are serving rural & city clients of Kerala Since 1987.We are expert in drilling 4½",5", 6½",7" & 8½" bore-wells with super fast hydraulic rigs with experienced & qualified geologists; We have also Groundwater Surveyors, who assist the customer in deciding the borewell point; installation of submersible, jet & hand pumps. Specialist in & cleaning Damaged Borewells,Earth pits, all types of borewell drilling for Domestic & Industrial purpose, Site chosen by scientific method, Compressor hiring and borewell servicing etc. We operate an extensive range of drills, from modern table and top drive multi-purpose rigs to percussion cable tools, backed with support vehicles and ancillary equipment to cover most phases of bore hole drilling. more

Our Speciality
  • Government of Kerala Certified Company
  • We use only high Quality PVC Pipes with ISI
  • Drilling available from 4.25" to 8.50"
  • Compressor Bore, Hand Bore & Rotary
  • Team of Experienced Professionals
  • Good Customer Support & Experience!
  • Bore well Flushing / Cleaning
  • Bore well Rig Supply (For other Contractors)

Our Services

Compressor Borewell Drilling

Compressor Borewell Drilling.

Hand Bore / Manual Drilling

Hand Bore / Manual Drilling.

Tubewell Drilling

Tubewell Drilling.

Calix / Rotary Drilling

Calix / Rotary Drilling.

Borewell Flushing/ Cleaning

Borewell Flushing/ Cleaning.

Rig Supply

Rig Supply (For other contractors).

Experienced Water Surveyors

Experienced Water Surveyors.



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